Training for the love of the arts, not the need for your money

Thornbury Area Martial Arts is a collection of clubs where the instructors all share a common purpose of providing top quality martial arts training at good value for money.

We teach martial arts because we enjoy it, not to make money from it. That way we are able to maintain the quality of our training without sacrificing our standards. No contracts, no gimmicks, no marketing tricks. Just good quality martial arts training and reasonable charges.

So, whether you are looking for Chinese, Japanese or Korean styles of martial arts, our clubs will treat you as someone out to learn and not purely as a source of income.

Frontline Martial Arts

Frontline Martial Arts provide classes for children (from 4 years of age) and adults (any age!), practicing mainly Korean style martial arts (Taekwondo, Tang Soo Do, Hapkido) but we also incorporate influences from many other styles of martial arts.

We are a community based, family club, run on a not-for-profit basis. Our emphasis is on learning effective martial arts and self-defence in a fun and supportive environment.

Above all, you will have fun doing it. Smiling is definitely encouraged!

Frontline Martial Arts
British Aikido Association

Shin Cho Aikido

Aikido is a unique martial art that integrates body, mind and spirit. Graceful and powerful, it emphasizes peace and harmony over aggression and violence.

A traditional Japanese martial art, incorporating a wide range of effective self defence techniques including throws, joint locks, chokes and pins.

Aikido also teaches coordination, relaxation and awareness.

Most importantly Aikido is fun for all ages. No previous experience required.

Ving Tsun Kung Fu Bristol

At Ving Tsun Kung Fu Bristol we train direct, simple and efficient Chinese Boxing.

The club which opened in 2010 is located in Thornbury situated in North Bristol. This is a small exclusive club and numbers are limited to ensure the quality of tuition.

Training is undertaken in a professional, informal and ego-free environment.

Bristol Ving Tsun Academy
Wu Shu Kwan Chinese Boxing

Wu Shu Kwan Chinese Boxing

We are a local, friendly Chinese Boxing club and meet in Thornbury South Gloucestershire (just north of Bristol) and Cardiff to teach the progressive and structured martial art of Wu Shu Kwan.

Wu Shu Kwan is probably the largest authentic Chinese Boxing organisation in the world.