Name :

Master Mark James

Rank :

WTF style Taekwondo - 4th Dan

Date Attained :

17th Aug 2014

Other Styles Practised :

Wado Ryu Karate


Close Quarters Combat

Trained Under  
Master Andrew Davies 7th Degree
    Ilyo Taekwondo Schools, UK  
Shihan George Grimes 8th Dan Kyoshi Shihan
    Wado Karate Federation  
Master Mike Rowley 6th Dan
    British Taekwondo Union  
Master Shane Whiteway 5th Dan
    Whiteway's Taekwondo, AUS  

Attended Seminars with  
Master Ooi, Hock Lye 7th Degree
    Ooi's Taekwondo International  
Tournament Success  
1994 Welsh ITF National Championships - Bronze medal - Heavyweight
Other Qualifications

Former Royal Marine Commando.

Registered with the National Register of Martial Arts Instructors - Registration number - 01127.

Advanced First Aid Certified.