Name :

Mister Mark Coombs

Rank :

WTF style Taekwondo - 2nd Dan

Date Attained :

19th May 2010

Other Styles Practised :

Free-Style Kick Boxing

Trained Under  
Grand-Master Kim, Yong Ho 9th Degree
    British Taekwondo Federation  
Master Ooi, Hong Lye 7th Degree
    Ooi's Taekwondo International  
Master Andrew Davies 7th Degree
    Ilyo Taekwondo Schools, UK  
Master Simon Evans 4th Degree
    Frontline Martial Arts, UK  

Mrs Claire King 2nd Dan
    Kings' Kick-Boxing, UK  
Mister Oliver King 2nd Dan
    King's Kick-Boxing, UK  
Tournament Success  
1994 Welsh ITF National Championship - Bronze medal - Lightweight
Other Qualifications

Registered instructor with Frontline Martial Arts and the Amateur Martial Associations.

Criminal Records Bureau checked for teaching students of all ages.