Martial arts and Games for ages 4 - 7

Mr Morris and the original Ninja Niņos

Recently opened in Horfield, Ninja Niņos offers an inroduction to Martial Arts training for children aged 4 - 7, learning self-defence with a mix of fun games and tradtitional training.

Originally opened by Mister Andrew Morris (second dan), in order to teach martial arts to his own son and some of his school friends, mister Morris is now looking to open up the Ninja Niņos to a wider audience, giving the next generation the opportunity to train in traditional martial arts, sport Taekwondo and action games.


The Ninja Niņos training takes place at the Horfield United Reform Church Hall, on the corner of Downend Road and Muller Road, Horfield, Bristol BS7 9PU.

Ninja Niņos classes: Saturdays : 11:00am - 11:45am
Term Time Only.

Fees: The fees for memberships are as follows:
Membership:  £25.00 per annum *  
*this fee includes personal accident insurance
Training: Per Lesson:
Ninja Niņos £3.00

Uniforms: Uniforms can be supplied at low cost.
Approx. £14.00