Name :

Mister Paulo Ferreira

Rank :

WTF style Taekwondo - 3rd Dan

Other Styles Practised :

Hapkido (Yang Hum Kwan style)

Aikido (Iwama Style)

Krav Maga

Wing Tsun Kung Fu (Leung Ting Style)

Trained Under  
Master Paulo Reis 7th Dan TKD - 6th Dan Hapkido
    Sporting Clube de Portugal (Sporting Lisbon)  
Master Jose Luis Silva 5th Dan TKD - 3rd Dan Hapkido
    Sporting Clube de Portugal (Sporting Lisbon)  
Master Antonio Camino Olea 6th Dan Hapkido
Grandmaster Jon Bae Won 8th Dan Hapkido
Pablo Caruso
    Krav Maga Global, Portugal  
Alcides Silva
    Krav Maga Global, Portugal  
Sifu Jose Soto
    Wing Tsun, Spain  
Sensei Jose Croca 3rd Dan
    Aikido Iwama, Portugal  
Mr Paulo Ferreira
Mr Ferreira with Grandmaster Pan
Attended Seminars with  
Grandmaster Seo Myung-Soo 9th Dan Hapkido
    Hapkido Netherlands  
Grandmaster Pan Sim Woon 8th Dan TKD
    Kukkiwon Academy, Korea  

Tournament Success  
1991 Portuguese Open - Gold medal - Heavyweight
Other Qualifications

Registered instructor with Frontline Martial Arts and the Amateur Martial Associations.

Qualified Sports coach

Fully trained and registered security guard.

Former tournament referee

Also experienced in Shotokai Karate, Capoiera, Tai Chi Chuan, Kick-Boxing, Jogo Do Pau (Portuguese stick fighting)

Experienced with a variety of traditional weapons.