What is the age range ?

The recommended age range for this class is ages 5 ? 9 for the Mighty Mites and 4 - 7 for the Ninja Ninos. It is expected that any children in the class will be able to take themselves to the toilet, if necessary.

Older children can attend our Youth session (ages 10 - 15 years) at Alveston Youth Centre on Monday evenings 7:15pm to 8:15pm

Do the classes continue during the school holidays ?

Classes still continue throughout the school holidays but the "Mighty Mites" and "Ninja Ninos" classes do stop for the Summer break. The Monday evening Juniors class continues as normal and the youngsters can attend this class for the holiday period, if they would like to.

What style of martial art is taught ?

Training is based on Taekwondo but elements of other styles are also included, particularly Hapkido and Free-style plus elements of Krav Maga and Wing Chun Kung Fu.

What are the levels of physical contact involved ?

Taekwondo is renowned as a heavy impact style but, at this stage of their development, children are not ready for this level of contact. Any sparring or partner work will be conducted on a strictly light-contact or non-contact basis.

What should my child wear ?

Please wear light, loose fitting clothing. Ideally, track-suit trousers and T-shirt. Training is conducted barefoot, as the hall is matted.

Uniforms can be purchased at a later date, when you are sure that your child is going to continue training.

Do parents need to stay ?

Parents are encouraged to stay and watch for the first lesson, to ensure that what is being taught is right for your child. From the second lesson, this is not necessary although parents are welcome to stay. The instructor is Criminal Records Bureau checked and the venue is child friendly. The children will be adequately supervised at all times.

How much does it cost ?

Training is £3.00 per session.

Membership is £25.00 per year. This includes personal accident insurance plus registration with UK Chung Do Kwan Taekwondo and The UK Taekwondo Commission. Membership is a requirement from the second lesson onwards.

Uniforms are not a requirement but, as they are designed specifically for this kind of training, they are recommended. Uniforms can be supplied at low cost for members : £14.00