Name :

Miss Rose Evans

Rank :

Chung Do Kwan style Taekwondo - 2nd Poom Junior Black Belt

Date Attained :

24th September 2023

Trained Under  
Grand-Master Simon Evans 8th Degree
    Frontline Martial Arts, UK  
Master Mark James 6th Degree
    Frontline Martial Arts, UK  
Master Andrew McGrath 4th Degree
    Frontline Martial Arts, UK  
Rose is the daughter of Frontline Martial Arts' chief instructor, Master Simon Evans.

Rose has come through the ranks, from the Alveston Mighty Mites through to the Juniors section, progressing to 1st Poom (Junior Black Belt) grade.


Miss Rose Evans, 2nd Poom Junior Black Belt
Rose competition sparring
Attended Seminars With ...  
Sensei Alex Field 2nd Dan
    Gloucester University Jiu Jitsu  
Sifu Neil Young
    Ving Tsun Kung Fu Bristol  
Other Qualifications

Frontline Martial Arts Invitational Tournament - Silver Medal - WT "Olympic" style


Dan Grade fully registered with UK Chung Do Kwan Taekwondo.