What We Teach

Tae Kwon Do - "The way of the foot and fist" - A dynamic style of martial art and modern combat sport, from Korea. Famed for its fast and powerful kicking techniques, Taekwondo training works on flexibility, speed, stamina and strength. For those with ambition to test themselves on the ultimate sporting stage, Olympic recognition means that it is possible to represent your country in the Olympic Games. But sport is not the only thing this style offers. Taekwondo is also an effective system of self-defence based on fast, strong blocks and counter-attacks.

Tang Soo Do - Traditional Korean martial arts with Chinese influences. Like Taekwondo, the emphasis is on the kicking and striking techniques.

Hapkido - Mixing locks and throws, similar to Japanese Aikido, with the strikes and kicks of Taekwondo, to create an all-round, effective system of self-defence.

Street Style Self-Defence - In a word, "survival". Martial arts with all of the tradition and showmanship stripped out. Pure, effective techniques to combat attack on the streets, today.

Free-style - Combining the Korean style kicking techniques of Taekwondo with the hand techniques of the Japanese Karate systems and Western Boxing, Freestyle is a modern, explosive, style of martial art based around adapting your technique to suit the combat situation.

Traditional Weapons - Although not taught as often as the empty-handed styles, traditional weapon work can teach you a great deal about body-mechanics and combat distance. We train in the short stick (Joong Bong), the 4' staff (Tahn Bong), the 6' staff (Jahng Bong), the knife (Dan Gum) and the sword (Geom). 

Elements of other styles, particularly Aikido, Krav Maga and Shotokan Karate are also incorporated into the training, to give a "more rounded" view of the martial arts.