Chung Do Kwan Style

Chung Do Kwan is one of the original 5 Kwans, or schools, of martial arts developed in Korea post World War II.

Itís founder, Master Won Kuk Lee, studied Shotokan Karate, under Sensei Funakoshi in Okinawa and Tokyo, earning a 4th Dan. At the time, he was the highest grade practitioner other than Sensei Funakoshi himself. He also studied Kung Fu in both Heinan and Shanghai.

It is also widely believed that Master Lee also studied Taekkyon before beginning in Shotokan but, as training in the native Korean arts was banned during the Japanese occupation of Korea, this cannot be verified. All training in the Korean arts was conducted in secret, even to the point where the teachers would not use their names, for fear of repercussions, should they be caught.

Master Lee returned to Korea in 1944, mainly due to the bombing raids which were taking place on Tokyo at the time. In September 1944, the Japanese government finally allowed Master Lee to open the Chung Do Kwan, combining elements of all the styles he had learned over the years, having previously turned him down twice before.

The Five Original Kwans

-Chung Do Kwan (founded by: Lee Won Kuk)
-Ji do Kwan (founded by: Chun Sang Sup)
-Chang Moo Kwan (founded by: Yoon Byung In)
-Moo Duk Kwon (founded by: Hwang Ki)
-Song Moo Kwan (founded by Roh Byung Jick)

Around 1953, shortly after the Korean War, four more "annexe" kwans were created.

The 2nd generation kwans were:

-Oh Do Kwan (founded by Choi Hong Hi and Nam Tae Hi)
-Han Moo Kwan (founded by Lee Kyo Yoon)
-Kang Duk Kwan (founded by Park Chul Hee and Hong Jong Pyo)
-Jung Do Kwan (founded by Lee Young Woo)