Views from the parents of the younger members


"My son is fairly new to martial arts but I have been so impressed with Simon's patience and professionalism - he uses just the right balance of discipline and fun in the lessons, and my son is already benefitting from the fine example he sets. My son looks forward to his lessons very much. "


"I sent my son to try Tae Kwon do with Mighty Mites as he was experiencing a variety of challenges at school, both with discipline and his peer groups. I believed it was related to his self-esteem and confidence. In the time he has spent with the teachers, specifically Master Evans, he has developed not just in the art itself, but also in his own self-confidence, self-esteem and ability to manage challenging situations. I believe this has been because of the clear guidance which is provided in regard to expectations of the children in the class, but also the continued positive re-enforcement and celebration of each child's achievements within each lesson."


"The coaching Simon provided at the Taekwondo sessions my son attended have been very well planned and met the needs of these young students very well. They learned new skills as well as practiced and reinforced already learned skills in a very engaging manner. The teaching was group focussed and covered a large variety of levels but we always saw Simon being able to see each child as an individual learner and meet their current status. Routines were broken down in bite size pieces, ready for the children to repeat and then put together into more complex moves. They love the sparring and the contact. Simon encouraged them to take part mentally and physically and use repetition of learned moves from that particular lesson as well as their own moves from their skills base. Everything was provided in a safe and appropriate manner and the children reminded that these fighting techniques needed to stay in the teaching room and could not be used with friends. The safety messages around the teaching were well established and repeated and the children well aware of them. Simon is a very skilled trainer and he is very encouraging and a great leader for this group."