Views from the current members of Frontline Martial Arts


"My son has been enjoying Taekwondo at Frontline Martial Arts for about 7 years now. What started off as a great way of off-loading a boisterous 5 year old's excess energy has evolved into a a great hobby which provides focus, discipline, relaxation and exercise for him. Simon is a fabulous teacher who is fun, kind and patient but also just firm enough to keep the youngsters in check! His dedication to the children and his passion for training and teaching comes through in bucketfuls! I can highly recommend Frontline Martial arts and thank you Simon for all you do!"


"Both of my sons (now aged 7 and 10) have taken up Tae Kwon Do with the Alveston "Mighty Mites" over the last two years and continue to hugely enjoy themselves. I was impressed from the start with Master Simon Evans' teaching of the group, which is always positive, encouraging and calm, while maintaining discipline with a light touch and sense of humour. My eldest son moved up to training with the adults on Monday nights. He has continued to greatly enjoy the training, and participating in his first competition. I am clear that taking up and enjoying Tae Kwon Do has contributed greatly to his self confidence, and has had a significant impact in his other activities, such as rugby.

As I saw many parents training with their children, I decided to have a go. I haven't been disappointed. Simon's teaching remains extremely positive and encouraging, which is most appreciated by a beginner. As a 6th Dan he clearly has fantastic technical knowledge and ability, but is able to enthuse the class at all levels of experience. The other members of the class have also been very welcoming and encouraging. This has turned out to be a great opportunity to share an interest with my son (who remains significantly more advanced than me), whilst helping me to slowly regain the fitness and flexibility I lost years ago. I also feel de-stressed and energised after the sessions. Thoroughly recommended to young and old."


"I have been a member of Frontline Martial Arts for nearly a year and have enjoyed every moment , I have learnt many skills in this time , both in the Martial Art of Tae Kwon Do ,and also Self defence techniques . The classes have been a pleasure to take part in , well structured towards all levels of competence and age groups, and taught in a professional manner mixed with a good degree of humour .

Both my son and I are members , and we have both benefited from the experience as we are physically fitter and also have a common bond through the membership .

Master Simon Evans is an excellent instructor , backed up by the other Black Belt grades who attend , and I would thoroughly recommend Frontline Martial Arts and Alveston Mighty Mites to anybody who wishes to get more out of life and at any age . ."


"I started training at Frontline Martial Arts because I knew Master Evans already, from his cross-training at a local Aikido Dojo. He seemed confident, was clearly skilled at martial arts, and was easy to get along with, so I gave his school a try.

The training style was completely different to what I had expected ! The style of practice is very efficient, and varies greatly - from pure street-style self defence through to traditional and sports-style Taekwondo - but retains a balanced and logical view of techniques as well as providing both reasons for, and examples of, correct usage for each element of practice.

I continue to train because I feel that the style of training improves not just my physical fitness, but also provides not only an outlet through sport and a form of self defence should I need it but, most importantly, it offers a geniune chance at continued self improvement, which seems very difficult to find anywhere else."


"I started training with Frontline Martial Arts both to keep fit and due to the growing problem in Britain with street crime. Since starting training, I have found myself more confident in awkward situations, as well as keeping fit. I just wish that I had starting training years ago !

Both my daughter and I have found the lessons enjoyable with a relaxed atmosphere but at the same time still learning discipline within martial arts. The lessons are very varied. Sessions range from competition style, street self defence to weapons training. You learn something new every lesson !

For me, another positive in training at Frontline is the fact that parents can train at the same time as their children - a bonus for me. Not many of the local martial arts schools allow parents and children to train at the same time."


"As both a student and a parent, with my boys also training at the school, I am very happy with the way things are run. It's a nice and relaxed atmosphere and not as regimented as our old school. I do believe in discipline but not for disciplines sake and I have come to believe that a martial art bogged down in traditional styles will not retain students and progress. Plus, this school is definitely not driven by the need for money-making !

The style is much more practical (and I think more effective from a self defence point of view) than many other forms of Taekwondo. Both the boys and myself are still unsure about the sparring differences, but that's probably because we struggle with that more.

Its very good to see that all students, regardless of grade, are taught the same techniques and not restricted to certain forms or moves because of their rank. The one step freestyle self defence techniques are excellent and very practical and are taught to all levels of student, again not restricted to rank. We struggle with these slightly too, but this is because we were never really taught them at our old school.

Over-all, training is a well balanced blend of practical street style self-defence, traditional martial arts and combat sport."